Bristan makes digital easy

bristanBristan has launched Artisan Evo Digital – a wireless, digitally controlled thermostatic mixer shower that offers design and added functionality for consumers, while being simple and easy to install.

Artisan Evo Digital has been designed with the installer and homeowner in mind. It follows research by Bristan, which showed that installers want to fit digital showers – mainly because they find them easier to install than mixer showers. However, the majority said that the high cost involved puts digital products out of reach for most of their customers.

As a business committed to making life easier for its customers, Artisan Evo Digital has been designed to address this growing market need – offering an easy, more affordable stepping stone into the digital world.

Artisan Evo Digital is a thermostatic mixer shower with a difference; it features digital technology for added functionality and control, and a stylish design, while offering ease of installation and great value for money.

Available from January 2015, the shower features a digital control whereby the homeowner can easily select the precise temperature they prefer for their shower. It also includes an eco-flow option, as well as a heat up mode to ensure the water is at the desired temperature before the person gets into the shower.

For the installer, ease of installation is a big benefit. The shower valve, being digital, doesn’t need to be fitted in the showering area and can be positioned up to ten metres from the controller. This means the installer can choose to fit the slim-line valve in an airing cupboard, under the bath, or in a loft space, if it’s more convenient. This makes the installation easier and quicker, and reduces disruption and cost for the homeowner.

Style is also accounted for. The controller, available in black or white, has a minimalist, sleek, modern look and can be positioned away from the showering area if desired. This flexibility means greater design freedom; the homeowner can, for example, choose to opt for an area of uninterrupted tiling, creating a ‘wet room’ look.

Furthermore, in Bristan’s ongoing commitment to driving digital, Artisan Evo features the Layar augmented reality browser. With Layar, users can gain access to digital content via their smart phones, including a how to guide, installation instructions and a selection of product photography. In this way, Layar provides more information – an additional layer – making the purchasing decision easier.

Fiona Bowyer, marketing director at Bristan, said: “The reality is that the digital revolution is finally happening. We only need to look at the recent launches of heating control products like Nest, Evohome and Hive to see that the world where we control everything remotely – from starting the washing machine to boiling the kettle – isn’t too far away.

“When it comes to the emerging digital shower trend, however, the high cost typically involved puts products out of reach for the majority of consumers. The result is that digital showers currently make up just ten per cent of an installer’s average shower portfolio.

“So Artisan Evo Digital has been designed to help digital technology become more available and affordable for the mass market; it offers all the enhanced functionality and improved accuracy of digital temperature control, as well as being easy to install and visually appealing, all while offering great value. It provides an easy stepping stone into the digital world; an evolution rather than a giant leap.”

Artisan Evo Digital comes with a choice of an adjustable riser rail or ceiling head in chrome (with faceplates and

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