4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat…

4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat
4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat
4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat

introduces the MyHeating™ app, with SmartGeo™ and EasySwitch™, for use with its 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat. These new features mean your home will always be at the right temperature, and you will always be on the best available energy tariff. With the 4iE and MyHeating system, Warmup promises to deliver a truly automated and effortless user experience.


With SmartGeo, the 4iE can control your heating automatically and reduces your heating usage by up to 25%. It works using the location services built into smartphones, as well as learning your routines and the most efficient settings for your home. So your heating is always at the right temperature, effortlessly. Your home is automatically warm as you arrive, and running efficiently when you’re away.

·        Works with zoned heating systems

If you have multiple 4iE thermostats, SmartGeo learns when you’re likely to use certain rooms, so if you have a zoned system, it won’t simply turn all the rooms up to your comfort temperature just because you’re home.

For example, if you’re at home on a weekend, the rooms you don’t use during the day will automatically be set at a comfortable, but more efficient, temperature until you’re likely to use them. As soon as you leave, the temperature is lowered in all rooms automatically, reducing energy use and lowering costs.

·        More intelligent than simple occupancy sensing thermostats

Occupancy sensing thermostats use a sensor to detect when you’re at home, and learn your habits to create a predicted heating schedule. If you come home outside of this predicted routine the system will need to catch up and adjust the heating when it detects your arrival.

SmartGeo uses the location services already built into smartphones so it automatically knows if you are on your way home, even if it’s unexpected, so you’ll never come home to a cold house.

·       Uses less energy than standard geo-fencing thermostats

Standard geo-fencing thermostats use the location services built into your phone to set a temperature based on how far away from home you are. The closer to home you are, the warmer the house, even if you’re going to be out all day and would have normally turned the heating right down. The smart part of SmartGeo™ learns your routines so it knows when you’re likely to leave and when you’re likely to come home. This means it can set lower, more efficient temperatures when you’re likely to be away for longer, even if you’re close by, and still be up to temperature just as you arrive.


With EasySwitch, you have the option to set your account to automatically switch you to the best available tariff every year. So you will never get put back onto the standard rate, or overpay on your energy bills again.

·        Always on the best tariff

The 4iE works in the background to find the best energy deals for you. EasySwitch searches the market for better energy tariffs, recommends the best deals, and simplifies the process of switching energy suppliers.

·        Automatic tariff switching

EasySwitch stops you overpaying on your energy bills, year after year. According to the latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, when you switch energy supplier you can save on average £210. Once your contract on that low rate runs out (typically after 12 months) the supplier changes your tariff to their standard rate, so you’re no longer receiving the best deal and no longer getting the savings. EasySwitch can be set to switch you on to the best tariff automatically, so you’re always getting the best deal, effortlessly.

The 4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat installs like a standard thermostat with an easy WiFi set-up just like a smartphone.

WarmUp offers a lifetime warranty alongside a 24/7 technical support time.

The MyHeating™ app for iOS and Android is free to download. The 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat retails for £199.99inc. VAT and is available in a choice of two colours, Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain.