‘Efficient. Connected. Systems’

Vitodens 200-W Cascase

Viessmann is launching five new heating products at Ecobuild, March 8-10 2016, stand no. E3280, alongside other products and future innovations.

Viessmann’s new Vitodens 100-W boiler boasts an improved modulation range of up to 1:6 and now comes with an easy-to-navigate, backlit LCD touch display.

The new Vitodens 200-W offers an improved modulation range of up to 1:19, dependent on boiler output. A colour touchscreen control with

Vitodens 200-W Cascase
Vitodens 200-W Cascase

is designed to help homeowners better understand their energy use. With installers in mind, the new Vitodens 200-W’s controls feature a commissioning assistant, quick fit pipe connection fittings and easier front access to the boiler for improved serviceability. Reduced standby losses and quieter operation are achieved due to the 200’s compact “shoebox” design. The boiler also now features automatic flue gas adaptation that automatically adjusts for variations in air pressure and flue gas pressure.

The Vitodens 200-W Cascade, for commercial applications with outputs from 12 to 594 kW, is now available with a new, compact cascade frame. Reducing the space required by 18%, a Vitodens 200-W cascade is now easier to fit in smaller sized plant rooms where it can be wall mounted or free standing. The frame allows cascaded boilers to be specified in groups of between two and six.

The Vitosol 200-FM solar thermal flat panel features a new innovative coating, ThermProtect that has been developed by Viessmann in partnership with Nancy University in France. The coating promises to end stagnation issues associated with solar thermal technology, without a reduction on performance.

A new split heat pump, the Vitocal 250-S builds on the successful Vitocal 200-S launched at Ecobuild five years ago. The new heat pump boasts a responsive controller that allows the homeowner to input their electricity and gas costs per kWh and then determines whether the heat pump or back up boiler should be used. This selection is governed by the homeowner who can decide to optimise for running costs, or optimum operational carbon emissions.

Darren McMahon, Viessmann marketing director, said: “Under the theme ‘Efficient. Connected. Systems’, Viessmann is once again showing it has a heating solution for every application at this year’s Ecobuild. Viessmann engineers in Germany do not sleep – they are continuously innovating to improve heating systems for both home owners and installers, from new thinking on boiler modulation to working with academia on the development of new coating technologies.  Coupled with advances we are making in convenience controls and early diagnosis systems, we ensure that Viessmann remain at the forefront of the global heating industry.”


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