This month Plumb Center explains…

Plumb Center explains how to best protect your van and tools
Plumb Center explains how to best protect your van and tools
Plumb Center explains how to best protect your van and tools
Plumb Center explains how to best protect your van and tools

Age: One-15 years.

Appearance: Predominantly white with splattering of brake dust and company sign writing. You might see ‘clean me’ on its rear end and its driver might have one arm slightly more tanned than the other…

Hey! What’s wrong with my tan?! Honestly, nothing! The focus here is on your pride and joy, not your sketchy tan…

I don’t have any kids, so you must mean my van: Yes, your van! Did you know almost a third of tradespeople have had their van stolen or broken into in the last five years?

No way! They must be parking their van in some right dodgy areas: It doesn’t matter where you park your van, criminals are known to be opportunists and as the saying goes, a leopard doesn’t change its spots – just as a criminal doesn’t stop being a criminal in a different postcode.

Well my van hasn’t been broken into, so I’m sure I’ll be fine: Your van hasn’t been broken into YET! If it’s not your van, your catalytic convertor could be sold for scrap metal. Your van and your tools are your livelihood, so it’s important you take all the steps necessary to prevent falling victim.

No need to get sooo serious, but I guess you’re right. I really do rely on my tools and my van to make a living for myself: The first bit of advice we’d give you is to be mindful of security at all times.
How so? When it comes to your tools, you can’t get them nicked if they’re not in your van. When you leave your van, your tools should go with you – it’s a pain, but thieves keep targeting work vans and you don’t want to be the next statistic.

Say my tools do get stolen, how do I prove that they were my tools in the first place? Should the worst happen, having proof of ownership is key. Engrave your postcode and house number on each tool and its carry case before talking photos of each item. This will not only make it harder for the thief to flog your tools, but it will really help with your insurance claim. Security labels, Bluetooth tracker tags, and UV marker pens can also help.

I didn’t even think of that. Are there any other simple tactics that could prevent my van/tools being stolen? Yes. Make sure you park your van in well lit, busy areas at night (areas with CCTV are obviously a bonus), and in the day, park next to a wall or hedge to restrict anyone trying to get inside.

Do say: Van theft is no joke and I’ll be labelling up my tools immediately.

Don’t say: I’ll be fine. Criminals don’t come into my neighbourhood.

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