Worcester Bosch unveils #LikeABosch campaign


Worcester Bosch has announced the launch of its new #LikeABosch campaign.

According to a statement, its aim is to empower consumers who wish to make the change to home heating solutions that produce less CO2 emissions by showcasing its range of heating products.

There are solutions for all household types from the air to water heat pump which uses approximately 75% air sourced energy and is suitable for most house types.

Accompanied by a theme song, the #LikeABosch campaign introduces us to a cast of characters who are playing their part in turning to responsible home heating solutions.

Puppets including Ronnie the Raccoon star in an advert alongside an installer fitting a greener home heating system, Bernie and Beatrice Bee and The Barnes-Owls characters.

Victoria Billings, director of marketing at Worcester Bosch, said: “We are so proud of our new #LikeABosch campaign. As a leading brand in home heating, it is our responsibility to raise awareness and help inform consumers of their greener heating choices.

“This campaign aims to do that in a creative and fun way that draws attention to such an important topic. Our commitment to helping educate and support both consumers and installers is central to our goal of creating a greener future.”

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