Wales tops DIY procrastination list

MoneySuperMarket has revealed the situations where Brits are more likely to take on a DIY task themselves instead of hiring a professional.

There’s no shortage of DIY procrastination in Britain, with more than half of all regions revealing that they regularly avoid completing DIY tasks. The Welsh were described as the UK’s biggest DIY procrastinators with 68% regularly avoiding DIY tasks.

Over 75% of people hire an expert to fix roof damage, a broken boiler or window. However, there are many issues that Brits tackle themselves, with 69% of them doing so to save money.

Tasks adults tried to fix by themselves:

  • Blocked sink: 85%
  • A blocked toilet: 77%
  • A blocked drain 64%
  • Broken or blocked gutters: 41%
  • Broken electrical switches: 38%

The most popular home renovation among British homeowners is a new kitchen, according to 22% of the population, with it potentially adding on average 5.5% to the value of a home when looking to sell. Some of the UK’s biggest DIY investors include London, where the average home improvement loan is £16,013, Brighton, where it’s £14,622, and Southampton, with £14,590.