Upgrade pledged for existing heat networks

Old and inefficient heat networks will be given a £32m cash injection to produce cheaper energy and reduce carbon emissions for thousands of homes across England and Wales.

Through a newly launched Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, out of date equipment will be upgraded with energy efficient alternatives such as replacement pumps, pipe insulation and underfloor heating controls. “Cutting-edge data monitoring systems” will also be introduced to check systems are performing correctly, government announced today.

The new scheme will deliver improvements to existing heat networks, helping consumers in more than 100,000 homes reduce their energy use – lessening the burden of increasing heating bills it said.

Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan, pictured, said:  “This £32million boost will provide thousands of homes in England and Wales with cheaper, greener energy through upgrades these heat networks desperately need.

“We’re investing in new heat networks, but it’s just as important to maintain and refurbish existing systems to ensure all customers can benefit from reduced energy use and household bills.”

Heat network operators, such as universities, NHS Trusts and charities, will be able to bid for funding from today by requesting an application form from delivery partner Gemserv.

Some heat networks haven’t been upgraded since they were installed more than 40 years ago, meaning many are inefficient due to not being installed properly, poorly maintained or the equipment has begun to wear out, a government statement added.