Talon marks Gas Safety Week with ID Clip giveaway


Talon is marking Gas Safety Week with an Identification (ID) Clip Range giveaway and a ‘call to action’ to help keep homeowners and other installers safe.

Gas Safety Week is taking place from 11 to 17 September.

The Talon Identification Range is specifically designed to identify pipework supplying gas (yellow), hot water (red) and cold water (blue). The range helps keep domestic or commercial work safe by making it easy to see potentially hazardous pipes, minimising the risk of accidents occurring.

Mike Morris, marketing manager at Talon, said: “Sometimes installers will lift floorboards or open cupboards and will be faced with a maze of pipework.

“Instead of having to trace each one back to the source, installing Identification Clips make it quick and easy for future installers working on the pipework and homeowners to safely identify what pipes are carrying what around their houses.”

Installation of the clips takes seconds, by simply positioning them on the desired wall, attach with a screw through the clip, place the pipe within the clip, and securely fasten the clip over the pipe with its 360o retention. The clips are a simple but highly effective safety measure.

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