Research reveals weird items blocking UK pipes

blocking pipes

New research carried out by Wavin, a plumbing and drainage manufacturer, has revealed some of the weirdest things that plumbers have found blocking pipes in UK households.

This research has been carried out as part of Wavin’s annual ‘State of the Nation’ survey – which asks UK plumbers what is on their mind. This year, it uncovered that Brits are no stranger to trying to flush something strange, accidentally or otherwise, and that plumbers are often called out to fix the problem.

Some of the most unusual culprits found blocking pipes included:

  • A two-man tent and sleeping bag
  • Lego
  • Rubber ducks
  • Socks
  • Sex toys
  • Teeth
  • Turkey bones and Brussels sprouts
  • Bananas
  • A pipe stuck inside another pipe

Steve Harris, technical support engineer at Wavin UK, said: “Some of these are hard to believe, and our research shows that plumbers are busier than ever too, with 59% of those who responded saying they’re having to turn work away because their workload is already too high. This means homeowners should be cautious about what they are putting down their drains to avoid hefty callout wait times.”

Kelli-Ann Green, a plumber based in the North-West, said: “I’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful things blocking pipes – everything from chopsticks to a lettuce! It’s really important to think twice before flushing something, because it can cause long-term damage to plumbing systems.”

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