Develop creates training programme for firmus energy

Develop training

Develop Training has partnered with utilities provider firmus energy to improve incident management and the preparedness of its staff.

Jim Donnelly and Chris Parker from Develop devised a programme of training to simulate real-life scenarios and test procedures and employee collaboration. According to a statement, a bespoke action plan was created to ensure that any learnings garnered were addressed and the relevant training is provided to the workforce at firmus energy going forwards. Direct feedback from the individuals who participated in the training was also instrumental in shaping the action plan, it noted.

Darryl Garavan, interim head of operations and training at Develop, said: “It has been fantastic to work with firmus energy on this ambitious project. Effective incident management and response plays a key role in the utilities industry, therefore, it is crucial for companies to invest in hands-on training to ensure preparedness and the efficiency of their staff and procedures.”

Chantal Hemphill, HSE manager at firmus energy, added: “Working with Develop has been an incredibly valuable experience for firmus. Chris and Jim’s professionalism and commitment to ensuring our teams were well-prepared for any incident were evident, and we are grateful for the positive impact this training has had on our organisation.

“There have been some clear takeaways that the training highlighted and we’re now working through the action plan to address these.”

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