Platform Property Care launches annual boiler service campaign


Platform Property Care is launching its annual campaign to improve safety, reduce energy bills and prevent boiler breakdowns.

Platform Property Care launches the campaign each year to raise awareness of the importance of boiler services. This spring and summer, Platform is to contact its customers to arrange a boiler service, encouraging them to give engineers access to their homes.

Lee Vernalls, assistant director of business development and growth at Platform Housing Group, said: “We have more capacity during the spring and summer months to carry out boiler services as most breakdowns occur during the winter. So now is the perfect time for us to visit customers and carry out a service.

“These services are the only way to ensure families are safe from boiler related issues, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Additionally, a serviced boiler is more efficient and will reduce energy bills.”

During this year’s campaign, Platform is to present its new ‘Meet the Engineer’ podcast.

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