New College Swindon students visit Grant UK


A group of plumbing and heating students from New College Swindon visited Grant UK’s Training Academy in Wiltshire to learn about air source heat pumps.

In early June, Grant UK’s training team were delighted to welcome the group, who were interested in growing their knowledge and understanding of air source heat pumps.

The New College Swindon campus, which is situated only four miles from Grant UK’s Headquarters, delivers teaching across a broad spectrum of academic qualifications. This includes GCSEs, A Levels, as well as vocational and technical qualifications, higher education and degree-level courses, apprenticeships, professional and business training and leisure courses.

Alongside teaching the principals of plumbing and heating, including a focus on traditional central heating systems such as gas boilers, the college is also investing in learning opportunities about renewable technologies as well.

For heat pumps, the college is planning to add heat pump products to its own training facilities and it has also partnered with Grant UK which will deliver heat pump training sessions at its training academy.

During their visit, the students completed a two-hour learning session with Steve Ellison, Grant UK’s assistant training manager, who delivered both theory and practical training. The theory session included an introduction to air source heat pumps and how they work, as well as taking a look at the wider system considerations when it comes to installing heat pumps.

Wayne Eggleton, lecturer in plumbing at New College Swindon, said: “It’s been really beneficial to be involved with a company that are one of the market leaders in renewable technology.

“The training given helped the students gain a valuable insight into renewable technologies which is a fundamental part of their course alongside employer engagement.

“The learners were very complimentary about the training centre, the content and the instructors and as a college we hope to cement this relationship even more over the next few years, not only at their wonderful training facility but in house at New College Swindon too.

“We would like to thank Grant UK for giving up their time to give students a hands-on experience as well as a knowledge-based lesson.”

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