National apprentice competition announces first winner

Lauren Winter, winner of Apprentice of the Month

Lauren Winter, winner of Apprentice of the Month

Following a scrupulous judging panel and public vote, the ‘Apprentice of the Month’ awards has announced its first monthly winner.

Lauren Winter, an apprentice at Coventry College studying Level 2 Plumbing and Heating, was announced as the ‘Apprentice of the Month’ winner for July via the awards social media channels. Lauren received top feedback from judges and secured hundreds of votes to see her take the title.

The ‘Apprentice of the Month’ awards aims to champion the great work apprentices do on a daily basis and encourage young people to be proud of the industry they work in. When asked about what the award win meant to her, Lauren said: “Winning Apprentice Of The Month means a great deal to me as it encompasses everything I stand for. The realisation of the amount of support I have came to light when I saw the quantity of likes and shares that my shortlist post had received on both Twitter and Facebook. It was also very encouraging to have had my entry judged by some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

“To me, it feels great that people within the plumbing world have read about my work in the industry and acknowledged me for what I do, which is a great honour. I work hard at always learning, and if I’m not doing practical work in the day I’ve got my head in my water regs book or my plumbing books to expand my knowledge. It’s just nice to see it all pay off in the end.”