Millions invested in first HNES funding round

Lord Callanan experiences Green Street by Kensa

Gemserv has announced that £13.7 million has been awarded to local authorities, housing associations and private sector applicants in the first Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) funding round.

The funding has been awarded to improve the efficiency of existing district and communal heat networks. This equates to 43% of the total budget allocated to the scheme and will seek to improve heat networks serving over 11,000 residents, demonstrating its popularity and the demand for support.

Heat networks present a vital technology that can deliver efficient, lower cost heating, cooling and hot water to the UK’s built environment at scale, Gemserv stated. HNES aims to improve heat network performance in existing/operational projects where customers and/or operators are experiencing sub-optimal outcomes.

Lord Callanan, pictured, minister for energy efficiency and green finance, welcomed the announcement today: “Families and businesses shouldn’t have to worry about whether they will receive a reliable heating and hot water supply. This funding means improvements will be made to old and inefficient heat networks, preventing further breakdowns, and ensuring they use less energy.

“We’re investing millions to build new heat networks, reducing emissions, and providing low-cost heating to communities across the country. But it’s equally important we upgrade and maintain existing systems so everyone benefits.

“Heat networks offer carbon emissions savings by supplying heat to buildings from a central source, avoiding the need for households and workplaces to rely on individual, energy-intensive heating solutions – such as gas boilers. As such, heat networks provide a significant contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction commitment.

“But some heat networks haven’t been upgraded since they were installed more than 40 years ago, meaning many are inefficient due to not being installed properly, poorly maintained or the equipment wearing out.”

Among the nationwide investments, Leeds City Council has been awarded over £2.2 million to improve the efficiency of heat networks serving 837 residents across the borough, while Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has been awarded over £1.8 million to improve the efficiency of the York Street Heat Network which currently serves 227 residents.

Gemserv has been appointed as the Delivery Partner for HNES.

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