MCS and Benchmark launch new service


Heat pump commissioning through Benchmark Online and certification via the MCS Installations Database are set to be integrated.

According to a statement, the integration is to result in a single point of data entry for the first time to simplify the process for Benchmark installers employed by the nearly 1,700 MCS certified heat pump contractors.

Benchmark transformed its previous paper-based checklist into an app over two years ago. The addition of heat pumps was made to reflect the growth of the sector and support the UK with its transition to Net Zero, the statement said.

The MCS Product Directory, representing the more than 100 manufacturers’ MCS certified heat pump products, will remain the source of product data, again ensuring a single point of data entry and ensuring a consistent reference for products tried and tested to robust safety standards.

The changes will remove the existing requirement for multiple pieces of paperwork to separately commission and certify a system, with an automated process sharing the information between both platforms. This means installers will only have to input installation information a single time in a single place, a statement outlined.

In the latest version of Benchmark Online, usability, and the resulting time saved by the new interface puts the installer first, a statement has said. The heating engineer fills out all available information on the app before the MCS certified company completes the remainder of the form and issues the certificate.

The new integration will be being demonstrated by Benchmark and MCS at PHEX South on 22 and 23 November, where visitors to the stands will be able to understand the latest updates and ask questions about the new service available to them.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said: “Benchmark’s addition of heat pumps plays a crucial step in the normalisation of low carbon heating. It reflects the growth of the market and the aspirations of the industry. The opportunity to integrate our systems with a single data entry point now providing commissioning, certification and into notification through the certification bodies is a major step forward for heat pumps.

“MCS certification demonstrates a commitment to quality and customers it also unlocks access to government support and subsidy a key incentive for many installers. We hope this integration makes life simpler and quicker for the thousands of installers who are already part the heat pump market.”

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