LIXIL EMENA launches digital platform ‘GROHE X’

LIXIL EMENA has launched its digital experience hub, GROHE X, for its GROHE brand, which offers multimedia content to both GROHE’s professional business partners and consumers.

A customised programme of content is available, which includes how-to videos, inspirational articles, and virtual rooms that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the latest product highlights. Additionally, there are video formats such as ‘A Glass of Water with…’, in which various GROHE experts offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of the global brand, or ‘Wow of the Week’, where a particularly inspiring project or topic is presented each week.

While visitors to the brand hub can explore the world of GROHE on their own, GROHE X also provides new ways of interaction. Business partners can use the platform to make appointments with their sales representatives and thus exchange information directly about the innovations that have just been introduced.

Jonas Brennwald, leader of LIXIL EMENA, said: “GROHE X is a milestone in our brand history. It opens unprecedented opportunities to experience GROHE and discover our products and the issues that drive us. You can connect with GROHE X wherever you are and whenever you want.

“The digital journey we have embarked on with GROHE X has only just begun. The platform is here to stay and will constantly evolve over the coming months. My biggest thanks goes to the team who made all this possible while working remotely. I’m extremely proud of the courage and leadership they demonstrated in transforming an idea into GROHE X.”

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