Liquid Gas UK’s CEO responds to Biomass Strategy announcement

Biomass Strategy
George Webb, CEO at Liquid Gas UK

George Webb, CEO at Liquid Gas UK, has responded to rural off-grid homeowners being given an ‘energy lifeline’ in the government’s new Biomass Strategy this week.

The Biomass Strategy recognises the role of renewable liquid gases (RLGs) to decarbonise domestic heating and meet net zero targets.

Prior to the announcement, in just three years’ time homeowners in properties not connected to the mains gas network faced little choice but to replace their current heating system with a heat pump, Liquid Gas outlined in a statement, with installation costs estimated to reach up to £30,000.

This meant previous net zero measures risked penalising rural communities, leaving them with a lack of affordable heating options, a statement added.

George said: “We’re pleased government has listened to our concerns by signalling their support for renewable liquid gases and their important role in the future off-grid energy mix today, in the Biomass Strategy.”

He explained that RLGs offer a sustainable alternative for customers to achieve up to 90% carbon emissions reductions using their existing boilers and appliances.

RLGs are chemically identical to traditional liquified petroleum gas (LPG) but sourced from a variety of recycled or renewable feedstocks and processes, including domestic waste, cooking oils, plastics, tyres and recovered CO2.

Liquid Gas UK has committed to being 100% renewable by 2040 and George said the announcement will give the industry confidence needed to secure future investment.

George added: “As an industry we’ve already placed significant investment behind the domestic production and development of renewable liquid gases to the tune of £260m, without any government backing.

“And we’ve forecast a further £600m of investment up to 2025. It’s now important for government to get behind the industry to support future investment and accelerate the transition to a green future for the off-grid energy sector.

“It’s great to know customers can now opt for this low-carbon ‘drop-in’ solution – avoiding unnecessary costly retrofits and appliance changes at a time when finances are tight for so many.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the sustainable credentials of renewable liquid gases and will continue to monitor and advise government on future policies to support the decarbonisation of off-grid energy.”

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