JTL donates £5,000 to community projects

Dartford Royals Football Club

JTL has donated £5,000 to community projects nominated by its own workforce.

JTL presented cheques to three winning organisations, who were announced as: Dartford Royals Football Club, Blackburn Leisure Astronomical Society and Burton Rugby Club Young Ambassadors Programme.

The donation is set to go towards funding a new ground and space for equal opportunity teams at Dartford Royals Football Club, a new projector and TV for exhibiting presentations at Blackburn Leisure Astronomical Society and tree planting for the Burton Rugby Club Young Ambassadors Programme, who wish to better offset their club’s carbon footprint.

These organisations were all nominated, campaigned for and voted on by JTL staff members.

All winners split the prize fund proportionate to the percentage of votes they received, with 19% for Dartford Royals Football Club and the Blackburn Leisure Astronomical Society, and 15% for Burton Rugby Club Young Ambassadors Programme.

Caroline Turner, policy and external relations director at JTL, said: “This is truly one of the most fulfilling projects that we conduct, as it allows us to prioritise the desires of our own staff members whilst also being able to support and engage with some fantastic community projects. As a charity working predominately with younger adults, we’re always keen to support causes relevant to backgrounds across this age group and introduce them to a range of new skills.

“It was immensely gratifying to see how happy each of the winning groups were, and we sincerely look forward to keeping up with their progress as the year continues. Whether through traineeships, apprenticeships, or outreach projects like this, supporting communities is always a delight, and makes up such a huge part of what we do at JTL.”