Incentives needed for heat strategy

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendations for heating strategy this week, a trade association has called for more incentives for low carbon heating.

George Webb, CEO of Liquid Gas UK, said it was clear from the CCC report that a mix-technology approach was needed to reach the Net Zero target.

He said: “As highlighted, hybrid heat pumps using LPG now and bioLPG in the future are a great opportunity for the decarbonisation of off-grid homes, but let’s not forget the major benefits LPG and bioLPG can bring as a standalone solution. A future transition to bioLPG will then deliver carbon savings of up to 90%, enabling the UK’s overall Net Zero target to be hit.

“While there are long-term savings to be had, to get low-carbon heating moving in the right direction we rightly need incentives in place to encourage homeowners to make the switch. As the CCC said, hybrids provide a great customer and environmental solution and should be backed by government, but are missing from BEIS’s plans for the new Clean Heat Grant. We would welcome LPG Hybrids to be included in this scheme, to help transition homeowners away from oil and make significant savings in the short term.”

More to follow in the July issue of HPM.

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