Households using 15% more heating at home during lockdown

A new study from Tado has found that Brits used 15% more heating last month than they did in March 2019.

The difference was largely down to the big rise in homes being occupied throughout the day due to the coronavirus lockdown, the company said.

An average UK annual dual fuel heating bill comes in at approximately £1,200 with heating and hot water accounting for around three quarters of an average energy bill. Turning down the thermostat by just 1°C saves around £80 a year on the average household energy bill.

“Many people end up heating the whole home when in fact only some rooms are occupied where heat is needed,” said Tado co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann. “Smart radiator thermostats provide intelligent control and heating schedules for individual rooms which can save a lot of energy from being wasted.”

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