HETAS wins key Defra clean air contract

HETAS installers on a course at Waxman Training Academy
HETAS installers on a course at Waxman Training Academy

Defra has appointed HETAS as a contractor to provide technical support to enable it to meet its legal obligations under the Clean Air Act 1993, with effect from December 1, 2018.

The Assessment of Appliances and Fuels contract will run until March 31, 2020, covering the requirements of sections 20 and 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 and other associated sections. Following this period, there will be an option to extend the contract for a further two years.

Under current legislation, the Clean Air Act 1993 controls smoke and emissions from domestic and small industrial sources and gives local authorities powers to create smoke control areas. In designated smoke control areas, it is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building or acquire an ‘unauthorised fuel’ unless it is used on an ‘exempt’ appliance.

The award of the contract is a perfect fit for HETAS – the specialist organisation approving biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services.

Led by CEO Bruce Allen, HETAS will provide the assessment of fuels and appliances for use in Smoke Control areas across the UK throughout the set period.

Bruce said: “We are delighted to have won this contract, allowing us to extend our work alongside Defra. The Clean Air Act 1993 is vital in addressing the needs of environment in the UK, and the Assessment of Appliances and Fuels is something HETAS places in high regard.

“To be managing this in conjunction with Defra is extremely important to us. We would also like to acknowledge the excellent work of the outgoing contractor Ricardo Energy and Environment, who has done a great job.”

HETAS operates a number of registration, certification and approval schemes covering solid fuel, wood and biomass installers, fuels and appliances so the new contract fits well in to the portfolio of technical and environmental activities. For further information on HETAS, visit www.hetas.co.uk.

Details of the current Clean Air Act 1993 application procedures can be found at: www.gov.uk/smoke-control-area-rules