Hep2O ‘State of the Nation’ delivers homeowner truths

Push-fit plastic pipe brand Hep2O has launched its ‘State of the Nation 2020’ after research delivered new findings on UK plumbers.

Wavin, which manufactures Hep2O, asked what customers really think of plumbers and how the current pandemic has affected their trust in this essential trade.

Overall, three quarters of homeowners are happy to invest in plumbing work and welcome installers into their homes.

The State of the Nation survey asked homeowners the questions that plumbers have always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, Wavin explained.

The final results showed just over a third of people prefer to find a plumber through recommendations from friends or family. When it came to the most important factors homeowners look for in a plumber, cost and recommendation came out top, with just under half of respondents, 49 and 48% respectively, saying they were their top priority.

Most homeowners, 57%, wanted tradespeople to pick up the phone for a chat to talk about work, rather than email. When it came to leaving plumbers alone in their home it seems that there was a mutual trust, as 82% said they would fully or somewhat trust them.

Karen Stables, marketing manager at Wavin, said: “We want to help installers by helping them to understand their customers even better. We know that plumbers are busy people so there’s rarely a chance for them to stop and take stock of the industry as a whole. In the current environment it’s more important than ever that tradespeople are able to maintain and grow their business, and this research will provide some key insights to help them improve their customer’s experience and win more jobs.”

The homeowner survey also addressed COVID-19. Three quarters said they would want plumbers to abide by social distancing, with 73% asking them to wear masks and 45% preferring if they wore gloves. Even though the majority were happy to have plumbers in their homes during the pandemic, 27% of customers were not comfortable with this.

There is clear admiration for the trade – as 82% said they viewed plumbers as key workers throughout the pandemic.

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