Heat pump pilot gathers some pace

Martyn Bridges

A Worcester Bosch expert has featured on national radio to discuss a government heat pump scheme.

The company’s director of technical communication and product management, Martyn Bridges, pictured, was asked about a government scheme to give away 750 heat pumps launched last year.

Martyn told the You and Yours show on BBC Radio Four that the number of heat pumps installed stood at only 20 late last year, but has since risen.

“In fairness, the trial was taking place during this pandemic, and we were approaching the winter time where not many people want disruption in their home,” he said.

Since this point the trial has progressed, and around 400 heat pumps have been installed with another 130 being planned.

“It’s moving on at a pace now but initially it was a pretty slow take up,” Martyn said.

The government pilot scheme, in the North-East of England and South East Scotland, will rely on existing homeowners accepting the adaptations needed to radiators, pipework and often flooring, listeners heard.

“They’re encountering issues that we’ve been encountering for 12 or 13 years and nothing has really changed. With the majority of homes out there we tend to have a combination boiler, so to find a home to locate a cylinder when you’ve never had one before is quite disruptive,” Martyn added.

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