Heat pump focus for two-part podcast

Energy, sustainability and environmental focused BetaTalk has released a two-part podcast focused on renewable energy and ground source heat pumps.

It has united British ground source heat pump manufacturer Kensa Heat Pumps with seasoned heating engineers, a statement said.

Host Nathan Gambling of BetaTeach, an educational resource for plumbers, electricians, heating engineers and students, said: “Travelling the country to meet the people involved in low carbon heating technology is a real pleasure. It was my first time visiting Kensa and I was really impressed.”

The Kensa podcasts explore a number of hot topics affecting the renewables and heating industry, spanning opportunities and the need to upskill heating engineers to embrace the UK’s transition to zero carbon, to the various solutions on the table to meet this target, including district heating and shared ground loop arrays with ground source heat pumps, nuclear energy, hybrid heat pumps, hydrogen, and load shifting.

Representing Kensa Heat Pumps in the podcast are Darren Veal, technical sales support & commissioning engineer, and Ally Cook, MCS compliance coordinator, accompanied by heat pump specialist William Johnson and regular BetaTalk guests and heating companies BTSE Heating and Renewable Heat.

The two-part podcast is available to listen to here.