Government commits to enshrine zero carbon emission target in law

Stephen O’Hara
Stephen O’Hara

The announcement by the government that its zero carbon emission target is to be enshrined in law has been given the green light by .

“Following a series of high profile cuts to the Green Deal, Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive, this announcement is welcomed by those in the energy efficiency industries,” said Stephen O’Hara, managing director of the energy performance assessment specialist.

“There is still some significant consultation to go through on this announcement, however, we see this as a positive statement and a boost to our goal of creating a more sustainable environment in which to live.”

The UK is already committed to cutting 80% of its carbon emissions by 2050 and comes months after the Paris conference where 200 countries committed to bringing carbon emissions down as soon as possible.

“The big question now, of course, is how the UK achieves this target,” said Stephen. “We believe more can be done with increased levels of energy efficiency performance across domestic and commercial property as well as ensuring that larger companies and organisations implement the findings of energy audits carried out under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.”