Coalition consults on qualifications for low carbon systems

A heating industry coalition has consulted on qualification criteria for installers of low carbon heating systems.

The coalition this week published two consultations on the criteria for training courses.

The first consultation is for the criteria that should apply to training courses for all forms of low temperature heating systems, both to allow a future market transformation into systems such as heat pumps, but also to ensure the most efficient performance is obtained for modern gas condensing boilers.

The second consultation is for the specific criteria that should apply to training courses specifically for heat pumps.

Criteria for the generic Low Temperature Heating course have been developed by the Chartered Institute of Heating and Plumbing Engineers (CIPHE), and for the Heat Pump course by the Heat Pump Association.

Phil Hurley, vice chairman of the HPA & chairman of heat pump training group, said: “Everyone involved is very keen to ensure that the installers are consulted on the course content and are able to feed in to the training specification process so that we understand installer concerns and views ensuring the course that is being developed is relevant for its intended audience.

Installers were invited to take part in both consultations, found below:

  • The Low Temperature Heating Systems consultation questions

  • The Heat Pumps draft criteria consultation questions

Both consultations have a deadline of 17:00 on 30th June.

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