C40 Cities launches Phase Two of the Water Safe Cities project


The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40 Cities) is partnering with Grundfos and the Grundfos Foundation to launch the second phase of its Water Safe Cities project (WSC II).

Phase One of Water Safe Cities (WSC I) research found that 7.4 million people in the world’s largest cities will be exposed to severe river flooding by 2050, which is why Phase Two of the project is targeting interventions such as water permeability and emergency response systems.

A key component of WSC II is the creation of a new water accelerator for cities to pledge ambitious action to safeguard their water supply. Cities will commit to:

  • Raising the ambition on water resilience in cities and supporting this with solid delivery.
  • Safeguarding cities from water-related climate hazards.
  • Making water security and safety a core component of cities’ climate strategy following an urban water management approach.

WSC II will be informed by insights from Grundfos. C40 will advise and support cities on solutions such as river catchment management, water-system efficiency improvements and flood-proofing critical infrastructure.

Kim Nøhr Skibsted, CEO of the Grundfos Foundation, said: “Water excess and scarcity are among the most urgent challenges of our lifetimes. That is why the Grundfos Foundation and Grundfos are proud to partner with C40 on the Water Safe Cities project.”

Kevin Austen, deputy executive director of C40, added: “This partnership between C40, Grundfos and the Grundfos Foundation should be the starting point for wider collaboration between cities, national governments and the private sector, all of whom have an incentive to protect cities from water risks.”