After recently turning on my Baxi 105e boiler, the hot water light lit up, even when there was no hot water running in the house. Should I be concerned about anything?

Question from Sara Talbot:
I have a Baxi 105e boiler, which has been great since it was fitted eight years ago. It has only ever needed a new printed circuit board – installed two years ago.

A one off incident happened recently when the boiler was turned on and the hot water light lit up, even when there was no hot water running anywhere in the house.

I switched the hot tap on, then off, and the light went out. It was like the hot water light had remained on from the shower I had that morning. Since then, the flame light has been staying on for much longer periods and the red temperature lights have started going up higher – to about 70ºC – without me altering any of the dials or turning up the thermostat.

The water pressure when the boiler is on is around 2.0 (1.0 when the boiler is off). There are no warning lights on the boiler. It seems a little odd that things have changed without me actually touching anything. Should I be concerned about anything? The service isn’t due until Jan 2013.

Response from Baxi:
It sounds like the hot water pin is remaining out, in which case it needs greasing, or the hot water micro-switch is sticking. If this is the case it will need replacing. Baxi suggests that the consumer asks her Gas Safe registered engineer to visit as soon as possible. If the engineer would like more information, they can call the Baxi technical helpline on 0844 871 1525 (have Gas Safe number ready).

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