Ady reviews the latest V12 footwear

V12 Puma
V12 Puma

“What are the cheapest safety boots you sell?”

One of my biggest pet hates is this opening line from a customer. Some guys don’t want to pay anything for workwear and safety boots. These guys normally rock in on a Saturday wearing their brand name jeans and £100 plus trainers.

Now, you guys tell me you spend 12 hours plus most days in your work boots – I’m not sure if that’s onsite or in the pub – so why won’t you spend a little more on a decent pair of boots that will keep you safe on the job?

I was fortunate enough to be given an inside look at some of the very latest safety boots on the market from V12 at Chippenham, and I can tell you, not only do these guys have some wicked looking incredibly comfortable kit, they are also raising the bar on new safety features too. Priced at about £50 RRP and in Nubuck Honey, they will blow your socks off!

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