A PipeSnug fit

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PipeSnug is saving time and money for gas installers who need to install boiler condensate pipes, in line with industry guidelines. Revised guidance from many industry bodies and boiler manufacturers states that a 22mm pipe should feed into a 32 or 40mm pipe, to stop pipes freezing during the winter months. To do this, gas installers normally have to finish (or ‘point’) the hole bored through an external wall with mortar. This can take a long time and be messy, but thanks to PipeSnug, it can now be neatly done in seconds, both internally and externally.

PipeSnug has been designed specifically to fit the elbow joint on 32 and 40mm waste pipes, once you have drilled the hole using a 52mm core drill. The product’s cosy fit into the bored hole means that it helps to maintain the energy efficiency of the property, by tightly filling any gaps where heat would otherwise escape. This also helps installers to comply with Parts H and L of the Building Regulations and keeps the risk of heat escaping from a building to a minimum. It will also hold your pipework in place and in the position you want, freeing up both your hands to safely fix the clips.

Alex Lever, director of Snug Solutions, said: “Gas installers can save so much time by using PipeSnug, there really is no point pointing. The beauty of PipeSnug is that it can also be installed in all weathers on any plumbing or construction project, including new builds, extensions, loft conversions and kitchen or bathroom installations.”

As part of a seasonal offer, selected merchants are giving away a PipeSnug with every gas boiler purchased. The company has also made multipacks available to the trade, making it easier for tradespeople to keep them in ready supply in the van.