It’s time to break the mould

Homes with high humidity levels, condensation and mould are inextricably linked to poor or unsuitable ventilation being installed, which isn’t performing as it should. To help social housing landlords with this problem, Greenwood Airvac, the ventilation specialist, is now offering a free Ventilation Review as part of a major new initiative, Adaptive Ventilation.

The Ventilation Review has been created to reduce the constant issues with condensation and mould, keep tenants happy, and maintain the value of housing stocks and save money on constant reactive repairs.

Signs of a poorly ventilated home include musty air, streaming windows and persistent mould growth, increasing decorating costs, and also damaging the occupant’s clothing and soft furnishings. Stale air contains unappealing smells, smoke, moisture and excessive heat, and can promote the spread of colds, flu and other airborne diseases. Unhealthy indoor environments can also encourage the growth of airborne spores, and allergens that can cause long-term health implications, such as asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

The aim of the Ventilation Review is to turn the constant and costly treatment of these issues into an effective strategy for long-term benefit.

The five steps to a proactive ventilation strategy:
•Where – As part of a Ventilation Review, a Greenwood Assessor will ask simple questions to understand the current ventilation situation – what products; issues and costs are being utilised for both planned and reactive maintenance.
•Why – Is a fan just a fan? A Greenwood Assessor will discuss ventilation effectiveness and what variables impact on how an individual fan performs.
•What – A Greenwood Assessor will discuss each individual housing stock and the needs and wants of the tenants – problem properties, different installations, and low energy?
•How – Once the Assessor understands the specific situation, they will recommend an adaptive, flexible and tailored approach or solution for the future.
•Action – A free trial can then be arranged across a housing stock.


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