Contractors urged to take part in consultation…

besBuilding services engineering contractors in England are being urged to give their views on a radical revision of training standards that are being proposed for industrial and commercial apprentices in the sector.

Following the government-inspired Richard Review of apprenticeships carried out in 2012, the Craftsperson and Installer apprenticeships are currently being re-cast to ensure that they meet employer needs and provide learners with the required level and scope of competences.

The new draft standards – which have been drawn up by a group of employers from the sector and are fully supported by the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) – are now out for consultation to allow the wider industry to view their content and to comment on their fitness for purpose.

Participants are being invited to comment on issues such as: the appropriate duration of apprenticeships; the competences which apprentices should have achieved on completion of their training; and the specific knowledge and skills they must acquire during the apprenticeship programme.

The consultation takes the form of a ten-minute online survey, to be completed following study of the two-page revised standards documents.

Colin Acheson, chairman of the Employer Development Group, said:

“It is essential that employers take a close look at the new standards and learn what they involve.


“If building services engineering contractors employ industrial/commercial apprentices – or are thinking about doing so – these new standards will have a very significant impact on their operations.

“A few minutes of engagement now could make all the difference to the shape and structure of their future workforce.”

To view the revised standards – and to provide input on this important issue – employers should visit:


The consultation closes on January 23, 2015.

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