Water Saving Week: Five steps to take in the home

NotJustTaps has shared its top five ways to save water in the home to mark Water Saving Week, taking place from 17-21 May.

Fit aerators to existing taps

The simple act of fitting an aerator to existing taps can help save up to 60% on water bills. By reducing the flow of the water, not only do you use less but you also need less energy to heat it and even enjoy a more pleasurable water experience, especially when showering.

Change showerheads

While it can be tempting to go for a large showerhead, it will use more water and more energy in heating it. By using an eco-showerhead, you’ll stand to save on water consumption by up to 60%.

Install a duel flush toilet converter

Toilets are one of the biggest users of water in the home. By fitting a duel flush toilet converter you’ll reduce the amount of water needed per flush and also ensure the right amount is used for the right waste. Standard duel flush toilets use as little as 2.6 and 4 litres per flush, meaning you will use only 20% of the water used in a traditional toilet. Traditional toilers typically use over 135 litres a day (7.5 times the volume).

Reuse water for your plants

Re-use unneeded water to water your household and garden plants. It’s such a simple thing but by re using water you’re saving so much.

Install sensor taps

Not just for commercial spaces, sensor taps could be the way to go with designs much more in keeping with standard tap designs.

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