The next step in cordless power

The flexibility, safety and ease of cordless machines are important benefits for installers, especially when working in tight spaces, but some jobs require the power and performance usually associated with corded machines.

Combining these two requirements was the concept behind the development of Makita’s new standalone, high performance XGT system.

The XGT 40V Max range of tools and batteries have been engineered for high demand applications and stand alongside our existing 18V LXT platform. Through innovations in tool and battery design, users are able to achieve high levels of performance without compromising run times or battery charge times.

The increased output of the 40V battery is ideal for the most demanding jobs, and in fact, some of the tools in the XGT range allow a task to be completed up to 40% faster compared with the 18V alternative. This means the performance can rival that of corded or even some petrol machines.

However, it was important during the development that the increased capacity and performance did not compromise its ease of use. The compact, lightweight battery and the design of the machines themselves mean each one is comfortable and easy to use. For example, the 2.5Ah XGT batteries weigh just 100g more than the 18V LXT version.

When tools are used every day and on a wide array of jobs, it is important they are built to last. The XGT batteries have been engineered for durability and include features that minimise damage. The battery’s high-rigidity slide rails and connection mechanism ensures the battery cannot accidently become detached and fall. Whilst the heavy duty, shock absorbing outer casing and cell holder protects the battery from any accidental drops or heavy impacts.

The battery is also IPX4 rated with a triple layer waterproofing, which means it is splash and shower proof. This makes it ideal for plumbing and heating work where unintentional contact with water is possible. The design also prevents damage to the unit from dust.