Riveting made easy with Makita

Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has added two new rivet guns to its power tool range. The DRV150Z and DRV250Z include Makita’s innovative LXT battery technology and brushless motor for maximum efficiency.

The DRV150Z and DRV250Z are both powered by Makita’s 18V LXT batteries, which offer industry-leading run times and charge times, improving on-site efficiency. LXT means that the DRV150Z and DRV250Z benefit from anytime charge (without the need to drain down) and minimal self-discharge and the battery indicator lights makes it simple for operators to monitor how much charge their tools have, improving operator productivity. The machines are compatible with Makita’s 5Ah and 6Ah LXT batteries.

Both machines are designed for heavy-duty, industrial applications. The DRV150Z and DRV250Z can pull both steel and stainless-steel rivets – the DRV150Z can pull rivets up to 4.8mm in diameter and the DRV250Z can pull rivets with diameters up to 6.4mm. The DRV150Z and DRV250Z can be adjusted to install 2.4mm rivets up to their maximum capacity, simply by changing the nose cone and push rod assembly.

With a 5Ah battery, the DRV150Z can dispense 2,800 4.8mm mild steel rivets per charge – approximately 560 rivets per amp. Due to a shorter pulling length, the DRV150Z is also 1.8 times faster.

The DRV150Z and DRV250Z have a rivet holding mechanism in the nose cone. This ensures that once a rivet is inserted, it is held in place if the tool is being used in any position. This significantly improves efficiency and operator safety. Once the rivet has been installed, operators can tip the tool backwards to ensure that the spent mandrels are collected in the transparent container, instead of littering the worksite.

The inclusion of a brushless motor makes the DRV150Z and DRV250Z incredibly efficient machines. Due to their design, brushless motors do not create friction which limits wear and tear and reduces wasted energy through heat production (which subsequently prevents the tool from overheating). This improves on-site efficiency, as operators can continue to use the DRV150Z and DRV250Z for extended periods of time.


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