Riello to introduce ionisation probes for Low NOx blue flame kerosene burners

Riello is launching an upgraded version of its RDB kerosene burners with flame-detection ionisation probes.

The probes will be available on Riello’s popular RDB BG Low NOx (low nitrogen oxides) blue flame kerosene burner range in the UK and Ireland, replacing the ultra-violet (UV) flame sensors currently used to provide a simpler, longer-lasting safety solution.

Ionisation probes are a simpler means of flame supervision, compared to other methods, with a defined life expectancy of approximately 20,000 hours – double the expected life of a UV flame sensor. Located within the flame itself, ionisation probes detect the charged ions that result from the combustion of a hydrocarbon, allowing a small electrical current to be conducted across the flame when applied. If no such current is detected, the burner is forced into a safety shutdown.

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