Introducing: Makita’s third generation of accessories

Makita UK has launched a new and improved collection of belts and pouches to its extensive and popular range of accessories. The newly designed range makes it even easier for tradespeople to safely and easily store and transport their tools and accessories.

The collection includes belts, braces, pouches, holders, bags, cases, gear and equipment, and offers users the durability and reliability needed for everyday use.

With over 40 products in the range, Makita has a solution to suit every task, the pouches and holsters are available in a range of designs, depending on the end use. Each has the benefit of Anti-Slip Technology, which is used on all friction points and pocket edges, to tightly grip tools, stopping them from sliding around and keeping them securely in place to help prevent accidental falls. This is also ideal for those working in awkward positions where they need both hands free. Due to its rigidity, Anti-Slip Technology also helps to extend the lifespan of the item by allowing it to retain its shape. All belts and pouches are inclusive of 3L Technology, a unique three-layer combination of polyesters and foam, to provide additional cushioning and improve user comfort.

For ease of use, Makita’s innovative Strap Belt System allows users to effortlessly connect Makita belts or shoulder straps to pouches, holders, bags and cases for trouble free carrying. The belt loop holders, which are compatible with all Makita work belts, can also be used to hang anything with a carabiner.

In addition, a heavy load support system has been incorporated into products such as the Ultimate Padded Braces, which works by distributing the weight between the waist and shoulders to reduce hip and lower back pain – thereby reducing fatigue on these areas and allowing users to continue to work in comfort for longer.