Wiseman offers exclusive voucher to HPM and Plumbzine readers

WisemanA buy-one-get-one free voucher is exclusive being offered to HPM and Plumbzine readers. Just send your name and address to this email: supaclensoffer@wisemanind.com to receive your voucher to use at your local merchant.

SUPACLENS is a newly launched cleansing solution from the maker of Everflux plumbing flux. SUPACLENS incorporates Nano-Scrub technology in its formulation to thoroughly flush a heating system.

Specifically designed for use with power flush machines SUPACLENS applies Nano-Scrub technology to actively scrub the system clean. This high tech formulation applies the latest technology to give SUPACLENS all the powerful cleaning properties of a strong acid or potentially ‘older type’ harmful chemical while it is a completely neutral and safe product to use.

When introduced into the heating system via a power flush machine, the Nano-Scrub molecules are activated with the agitation of the power flush pump and higher flow rate of the water. The activated molecules in SUPACLENS remove scale, rust and residue deposits around the system but will not harm the metals of the system or the working parts of boilers. The activated molecules attract the debris and make for a noticeably quicker clean as dirty particles are carried away.

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