Tesla UK launches T-DOC Drain Valve Collection


Tesla UK has launched its T-DOC Drain Valve Collection. The team at Tesla UK have taken a draw off cock (DOC) and reinvented it from the inside out, reimagining the basic principles of a DOC, a statement has said.

DOCs are commonly used yet widely accepted as having a fundamental design flaw, a statement has said. Stuck and jammed washers, perished and welded in place due to many years of being stuck in situ mean when the DOC is opened, nothing happens.

Once the washer is ‘persuaded’ free, uncontrollable contaminated water is then free to pollute carpets and other floor surfaces until the flow is once again brought back under control, the team found.

Each T-DOC from Tesla’s new collection now comes with a solid one piece brass insert, no thin vulnerable joints that can come apart or be pulled from the products washer. T-DOC features a wider insert and nose design complete with O-ring seal compared with that of the traditional thin nib and flat washer.

The T-DOCs upgraded 6mm hex body allows for ease of installation and removal simply with the use of an allen key. This enhancement has been designed to protect the rear of the insert from being rounded off with grips and the internal hex slot can also provide ‘anti-tamper’ protection to the system, it was explained.

The T-DOC Drain Valve Collection is available in three different variants, complimenting the growing number of methods installers use to complete their installs. The variety in range ensures installers have a product suitable for the demands of the modern market and each and every application, Tesla added.


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