Targeting Legionnaires Disease: Using digital thermometers to keep people safe

While treatable, Legionnaires can be fatal, with a mortality rate of up to 10% (higher in the immunosuppressed). It is therefore imperative that those responsible for building maintenance and estate management maintain their water HVAC systems properly and effectively and mitigate the risk of infection.

Part of the solution includes monitoring with digital thermometers. Ideal for both hot/cold water systems and wet cooling systems, the DT173 thermometer is perfect for HVAC servicing and monitoring. It is a single input digital thermometer, supplied with a bead thermocouple as standard, and is compatible with Martindale’s full range of K type probes, including air probes, penetration probes and clamp and surface probes.

Steve Dunning, Martindale’s Managing Director, says: “Our range of HVAC monitoring kits are designed with that purpose in mind. They are easy to use, reliable and can help you monitor and banish Legionnaires Disease from your establishment.”