Riding the green wave


The Tories may or may not be backsliding on the green agenda. But there’s no doubt the way the wind is still blowing on carbon reduction.

That’s the background to Powered Now being the first UK software supplier to provide comprehensive support for green energy installations. And this comes on top of existing heating, plumbing and electrical certificates.

Powered Now also has many features for running sole-trader and multi-person trade businesses. This includes quoting and invoicing, capturing full customer details, recording images, notes and signatures. A powerful shared diary comes with staff tracking maintaining complete control of the team.

Benjamin Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, said: “You can be sure that the needs of UK trade businesses come first for us. We don’t operate in markets like the US that can easily dominate your thinking. And all of our support staff are based right here in the UK.

“Green certificates are just the latest step in our mission. That is helping trade companies earn more profit with less effort by going digital.”

Powered Now enables all administration and paperwork to be done in one place. That’s on an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. It means faster invoicing and money is saved on pads and postage. Nothing has to be written or entered twice and everything can be found quickly. Customers can even look up their own paperwork rather than hassling you!

Powered Now are currently running an offer, worth £180, to provide a subscription free-of-charge for 12 months.


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