Revised starter kit for Clearflow power flushing pumps

The kit for Clearflow power flushing pumps

Every Kamco Clearflow power flushing pump comes with a complete starter kit, with seven hoses and a selection of Kamco chemicals. Once a power flush has been carried out, the hose set – invariably still containing some water – has to be packed away in the van before job completion. Recognising that a van soaked with water is not ideal, Kamco now supply every power flushing pump with a neat waterproof hose carry crate in which to store the hoses, with extra space for test equipment and other accessories.

The revised starter kit now contains the new Concentrated packs of Hyper-Flush neutral pH flushing chemical, and SystemSafe-DM Buildcert approved corrosion inhibitor, as well as packs of the powerful ‘one-shot’ Power Flush FX2 flushing chemical, so that heating engineers have everything they need to carry out their first two power flushes.

Engineers also get a ten-part BSP adapter set to enable connection of the pump into heating systems, and a pack of promotional leaflets for engineers to use to explain the concept and benefits of power flushing to householders.

Also in the pack is a voucher for one free place on the Kamco power flushing Training Course, where engineers can, in one day, learn enough to feel confident to carry out a power flush quickly and effectively.

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