Residential low NOx combustion

Following the introduction of the ErP regulations in September 2018, which require residential oil burners to achieve a maximum NOx emission of 120mg/kWh, greater emphasis is now placed on combustion and more precise air flow through a burner.

With previous NOx emissions of residential oil burners being in the region of 250mg/kWh, the requirement to reduce these by over 50% results in much stricter burner design and precise burner setting.

Riello has used the familiar and market-leading RDB as its platform for a burner that conforms to these current regulations, with the introduction of the RDB…BX.

The RDB…BX has been designed to include many features which precisely control and drive the air flow through the burner to achieve low NOx combustion, with one additional feature being the provision of the adjustable head.

This function has been designed to provide installers and service engineers with adjustable head technology, which is normally found on larger commercial and industrial burners. It is used to control the secondary air flow around the flame and is adjusted when setting the burner at differing outputs within its range.

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