Panasonic unveils new 3-way heat recovery control boxes…

has revealed details of the latest in its range of 3-way Heat Recovery (HR) control boxes with multiple connection ports, which comes with a ream of benefits to make installation and pipe design easier and more efficient. The new HR control boxes are available with four, six or eight connection ports which offer great flexibility to installers when considering various factors on site, such as piping design and installation conditions.

The new HR control boxes available with four, six or eight connection ports
The new HR control boxes available with four, six or eight connection ports

Marc Diaz, UK & Ireland country manager, said: “Panasonic’s new 3-way control box is an exciting development in HR boxes that offers a flexible solution in piping design and installation. It also increases the efficiency and speed of installation by simplifying the process significantly. These new boxes will prove particularly useful for installations in projects such as hotel applications, where space for connecting several boxes is often limited.”

To give installers more flexibility in their system design and piping layout, the new control boxes come with connection tubes for the main refrigerant circuit lines on both sides of the unit. The new 3-way HR control boxes also remove the necessity for purchasing individual 3-way PCB kits and solenoid valve kits for each indoor unit, because a control line can be fed from the unit via a relay kit, which is included in the package as an accessory, straight to the multiple connection box. A power line is then fed directly from the multiple connection box to the power supply, again removing the need to install a power supply from each indoor unit to each individual solenoid valve kit.

The new design greatly simplifies the installation process by bringing the 3-way PCB unit on board with the solenoid valve kit and combining multiple kits into one unit with four, six or eight connection ports. Installation is now faster and more efficient.

The new 3-way control box allows for multiple piping system designs incorporating different types of junctions. The 3-way control box can be installed after a distribution joint, before a T-branch and with a number of different control methods such as group controls, simultaneous operation under one port and group operation under one port.