Low NOx and high efficiency…

The Riello RDB BG

The Riello RDB BG

Riello has developed new model variants of its market leading RDB burners based on blue flame technology, designed to meet the most stringent standards for NOx emissions in oil-fired residential boilers.

The new models include RDB BG BLU, RDB BX and BT Yellow / BLU as well as two-stage variants of blue flame models. Riello’s two stage operation system with suitable controls increases the overall efficiency of oil fired heating systems, along with reduced electrical consumption and emissions, making them the perfect solution for high efficiency residential boilers.

RDB BG BLU two-stage burners are suitable for use with kerosene and gasoil, utilising Riello’s new BG combustion head design for cleaner combustion. The combination of two-stage operation and low NOx emissions makes them ideal for condensing and combination oil boilers.

All Riello RDB burners can be used in a balanced flue or conventional flue configuration and are designed for ease of installation and servicing utilising recognisably Riello first-line components.