Johnson & Starley shine in consumer report…

Quantec comes with a five-year guarantee
Quantec comes with a five-year guarantee
Quantec comes with a five-year guarantee
Quantec comes with a five-year guarantee

The October 2016 Which? Report into the ‘Best & Worst Boiler Brands’ made for good reading for Johnson & Starley, with the company achieving fourth place.

This was the first year that Johnson & Starley have been included in the Which? Survey, with the organisation saying they had made “an impressive survey debut.”

With a history of innovation spanning almost 100 years, Johnson & Starley developed the QuanTec range of High Efficiency condensing boilers using the latest boiler technology.

Designed with reliability, performance, efficiency, and long term value for money as key considerations, the QuanTec range also included isothermic and full heat condense stainless steel heat exchangers with ‘cool door’ technology, low carbon and low NOx levels and pluming reduced to almost invisible levels.

Combined with ease of installation and maintenance it makes the QuanTec boilers the homeowners’ and installers’ choice.

The Which? Report stated, “It has the best reliability record of any brand in the survey and a good customer score too”.

Included in the range is Johnson & Starley’s flagship model the HR28C with integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery. Currently no other manufacturer can compete with the HR28C in size and performance, making it possibly the most efficient boiler in the world.

Johnson & Starley’s QuanTec HR28C is the latest innovation for combi boilers. Exceptional efficiency in gas consumption is achieved by the Full Heat Condense heat exchanger, which incorporates a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) pre-heating function. This is achieved by extending the path of the flue way to pre-heat the water circulating in the additional coil on the back of the heat exchanger, utilising all the energy from the flue gases.

This enables the HR28C to reach an efficiency level never reached before (110% in DHW mode) and substantial energy savings (<25% in gas consumption). Savings of up to 26% in hot water demand, in addition the HR28C considerably reduces CO emissions and is 100% recyclable so it’s working hard to protect the environment even further. All this while, with dimensions of 780x423x321, it still retains the same size as a standard boiler.

QuanTec Combi HR28C with Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery built in (PFGHR) has a maximum flow rate at 35°C rise in l/min of 12.3, weighs only 39.4kg, and is suitable for installation with Aquair HIU up to 20kW. A Flexible Flue Kit (FFK5) is available for this product.