IPG congratulates MERLYN on turning 20

MERLYN has turned 20 in 2020 and The IPG congratulates one of their esteemed suppliers on this impressive business achievement.

With innovation and design at the forefront of MERLYN’s ethos, the supplier celebrated this month with the launch at Kbb of an exciting addition to their beautiful Arysto Collection. The Arysto X is a beautifully designed, virtually frameless, sliding door and the new revo a designer rail and storage solution. MERLYN also proudly unveiled its new Arysto Colour range as well as their frameless shower walls from their visually stunning MERLYN Black Range.

Glenn Fisher, managing director at The IPG, said: “It is a fantastic achievement to turn 20 in an industry which hasn’t been without its challenges over the last 2 decades. MERLYN’s success can be attributed to their ability to remain relevant and to continue to innovate and produce quality bathroom collections.”


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