Gas Safety Book unveiled

gas safety shopThe Gas Safety Shop has unveiled a guidebook to provide installers, engineers and consumers with a go-to for gas safety guidance and advice for dealing with dangerous situations.

The book can be used as either a reference for the installer or as a tool to explain gas safety issues to consumers. Gas Industry Unsafe Situation Procedure, other legislation and best practice is carefully and thoughtfully explained, giving the reader the knowledge to recognise and deal with potentially dangerous situations safely – whether it is a gas or carbon monoxide emergency. The book contains simple consumer information about risks for various environments: domestic; commercial; industrial; catering; situations involving liquid petroleum gas; and emergency service providers. Guidance is also supplied for pipework, meters and appliances.

The book is clear and easy to use, with advice and procedure divided into topical sections that can be navigated with ease using the brightly coloured and numbered divider tabs. Clear advice on safety, definitions of key terms and examples of warning labels can help educate customers in gas safety. The compact size of the book makes it a handy tool to keep around and the tough, wipe-clean pages of the guide means that even with constant use, the book remains in pristine condition after hours and hours of use. The ring binder format of the book allows for additional and updated information packs to be added to the comprehensive collection.

Available to Gas Safe registered engineers for a discounted starter price of £12.99, this guide is the perfect addition to any installer’s kit. A complete collection can be purchased for £45. Buy yours from The Gas Safety Shop.

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