Fluidmaster Click Seal protects against costly water damage

fluidmasterWater damage resulting from bathroom and kitchen leaks is not only inconvenient for homeowners but also costly. Taps and toilets are often the source behind such leaks due to poor water supply line connections.

Fluidmaster, global manufacturer of toilet repair products, offers Click Seal toilet and tap connectors, providing homeowners with an easy to install, reliable solution to prevent common, costly leaks.

Toilet and tap connectors link taps and toilets to the house water supply line. If the connector is too loose, leaks may occur, and if the connector is screwed too tight, the connection at the toilet or sink can crack, eventually leading to a damaging leak. Fluidmaster’s Click Seal connectors are engineered to tighten to the ideal strength for the valve, eliminating both problems. When installing a Click Seal connector, homeowners do not need to go in search of tools since the Click Seal connector locks into place by simply twisting it until it clicks, which indicates the connector is properly sealed.

Chris Knapton, Fluidmaster marketing UK manager, said:
“Toilet and tap installations can appear intimidating to some folk, but the fast and easy approach offered by Click Seal connectors make these installs simple to tackle repair projects for homeowners of every skill level. By replacing their current connectors with Click Seal, homeowners gain peace of mind that one of their largest investments – their home – is protected against common causes of water leaks and potential, expensive damage.”

Click Seal connectors will be available from 2015. The products will be fully WRAS certified to enable wide-ranging application.

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