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Water Conditioner Range with ST

Water Conditioner Range with ST

Stuart Turner offer an alternative method of treating water which has been used in commercial and industrial systems for many years.

This tried and tested technology is now available to everyone with the new Stuart range of water conditioners. These highly effective, WRAS approved water conditioners are designed to prevent limescale from building up throughout a property.

Stuart water conditioners use an electrolytic action to treat the water and contain an alloy core that acts as a catalyst, causing the calcium carbonate to precipitate into microscopic crystals. These crystals then float in suspension in the water without adhering to any surfaces, ensuring that boilers, cylinders and kettles, for example, remain scale free and efficient while continuing to operate for many years.

Unlike traditional water softeners which require space, bags of salt and the added expense of installing a drinking water tap, the Stuart range of water conditioners offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution which are simply installed in-line with the existing incoming pipework and don’t take up valuable space.

The water softeners are said to be simple, cost effective, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and guaranteed for ten years.